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The Fayetteville Sail and Power Squadron (FSPS) is a member of District 27 of the United States Power Squadrons ® (USPS), a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable for all by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.   Below are examples of what we do:


 FSPS conducts America’s Boating Course (ABC)…covering required topics that all boaters must know like rules of the road, various types of boats, required safety equipment, navigation aids, lights and sounds, anchoring, communications afloat, adverse conditions, water sports safety, trailering, personal water craft safety, and knots and lines.   This course is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), is recognized by the United States Coast Guard, and is accepted by North Carolina and other states as meeting their requirements for getting a safety certificate, required in most states for operation of a water craft.   Learn more.
 Coastal Navigation Seminar The Basic Coastal Navigation Course that will begin Tuesday, December 6th at 630pm at the Pechmann Fishing Education Center. This course is taught in 2 sessions. The second of which will be taught on Wednesday evening, December 7th. We look forward to your participation in this unique educational opportunity provided by the Fayetteville Sail and Power Squadron. The first night will cover classroom instruction with emphasis on some hand’s on experience with GPS and Charting the second night. If you can volunteer some time to go help Commander Ted for these 2 nights it would be greatly appreciated. Those of us who are normally involved with helping with the classes are under the weather for one reason or another. Thanks for all you do for the Squadron. There are times that we just need some bodies to step up to the plate and render some assistance
 Coastal Navigation Seminar student booklet —$15.00 GPS student booklet—$15.00 Charting student booklet—$15.00

FREE Vessel Safety Checks

FSPS provides FREE vessel safety checks.  USPS is an active partner with the United States Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in a national program to perform vessel safety checks.  If your vessel is stopped and boarded by the US Coast Guard, can your vessel pass a safety inspection?   Click here to get a free courtesy Boat Safety Inspection.

Vessel Safety Check Decal

Cooperative Charting Program

FSPS and USPS members participate in Cooperative Charting Program (COOP) activities that help the National Ocean Service (NOS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) keep nautical charts accurate through a COOP of reviewing charts and reporting errors seen on the waterway—a service that saves taxpayers millions of dollars each year.  USPS has been informed that the COOP Charting Program is “one of the most effective user-participation program in all the Federal services.”  Learn more.


FSPS maintain liaison with the United States Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and other organizations to cooperate for the boating safety benefit of the public


Coming in December: Non-Member Exam Fee
– Effective 1 Dec. 2016, USPS will assess a $20 fee for all non-member “passed” exams as a separate
charge to the squadron treasurer. The fee will offset the costs incurred in processing and
maintaining non-member records. This fee does NOT apply to America’s Boating Course. Most
squadrons already charge an additional fee to non-members taking a class, and this additional cost
should be anticipated in your pricing of future courses. Obviously, the best case is to convince the
prospective student to join the squadron and take advantage of member pricing. If you have a
class underway prior to this announcement that includes non-members, please let me know the
names of these students so I can notify headquarters. Be aware that under no circumstances
should you give the student a choice of avoiding this exam fee by not taking the exam. We cannot
predict the future needs of any student; we receive regular requests for documentation of course
completion. Email: Steve Abbott: srabbott@att.net

  – Boat Owners should be aware of the capabilities and approvals of the SIRIUS SOS C-1001 electronic distress light. This light is acceptable as a nighttime visual distress signal. SIRIUS has included a daytime distress flag in the SOS C-1001 packaging so that it can market the package as a solution for a combined day/ night signal, and as a replacement for flares. As long as the SIRIUS Signal Model SOS C-1001 is carried in conjunction with an acceptable daytime distress signal, this satisfies the daytime/nighttime signaling requirement. All electronic visual distress signals, in order to be acceptable, must be legibly and indelibly marked with the statement: “Night Visual Distress Signal for Boats Complies with U.S. Coast Guard Requirements in 46 CFR §161.013. For Emergency Use Only”, and must also be marked with the manufacturer’s name, replacement battery type and lamp size. If an electric light is designed for use with dry cell batteries the label must advise the consumer on the battery replacement schedule, which under normal conditions would maintain performance requirements of 46 §CFR 161.013-3


December Meeting.  

.Annual Christmas Party Tuesday, December 13, 2016 71st Ruritan Club, Campground Road 6:00 pm (fellowship time) 6:30 pm (dinner)
If you can bring a platter of ham or turkey for this occasion, please let Rosa Whitmore know as soon as possible. All are asked to bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert to go with our main course of turkey and ham. Since Hurricane Matthew devastated the Salvation Army building downtown, FSPS will again take up donations for this worthy cause at our Christmas party. Since the needs are so great, we will forego the gift exchange and just plan to take the extra monies that would be spent toward our squadron enjoyment and donate that extra to the Salvation Army. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Checks may be written to the FSPS squadron or directly to the Salvation Army. 

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